Watch Video For M.I’s ‘Playlist’ Featuring Nonso Amadi

M.I Abaga has released the video for ‘Playlist’ featuring raving alternative and R&B act, Nonso Amadi. This is the ‘crowning single’ off his “Rendezvous” project that was released in early last year.

With barely any promotion, the artist’s loyal fanbase pushed the track to the number 1 spot on his Spotify with almost a million plays. Throughout the project are strategic collaborations, an M.I trademark. M.I’s genius ambition is obvious on this particular track; gunning for the top of all summer playlists with fan-favorite Nonso Amadi on the hook.

The video has a unique visual language with a 70s inspired look blended into a modern context. It uses natural light, in a way that feels familiar to anyone who’s lived in Lagos. Director UA makes Lagos feel mystical.


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