Kylie Jenner forced to delete video of new Bugatti Worth of $3 Million: See Reason


Kylie Jenner forced to delete video of new Bugatti Worth of $3 Million

Kylie Jenner recently shared a video of her new $3 million Bugatti Chiron  but was forced to delete it after being criticized for it.

The popular 22 years old celebrity and a mother of one took to her Instagram page to flaunted her new car as it has been a norm for her after with her luxury  things.

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Kylie Jenner Flaunts Massive Car Collection

This time, her fans didn’t give her the usual praises rather, they criticized her for it,making it known to her the hunger crisis around the world presently.

See Fans Comments:

bulgara_.king: a shit many are struggling on the streets to survive and children without a future hm many grown men and women without prespecific and roof under their heads
why do you have to think so much about yourself with so much money why do not you do something for the world where one or more can be happy so you do not only make yourself a good example for humanity but also for yourself

“How can people justify buying more cars than they possibly need when there are people out there who can’t eat! Like I get it’s your money and you earn it but HOW do you justify not doing good with it I just don’t get it. The money you spent on this you could of [sic] fed a village for a year at LEAST.”

 “Oh yay! Another new car! Meanwhile, there’s people struggling to make ends meet and feed themselves. I’m happy for her but damn when is enough enough?”

sentishawn: Yes it’s her money but people get sick of seeing all her and her sisters and mother and there excess! I mean really keep shoving it down our throats that ur a billionaire! How about u keep it to yourself have some tact butch!

Following the criticisms, the 22-year-old reality star deleted the video.

See the video below:


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