Kendall Jenner Forecasts Her Niece North West To Be A Model – See Reasons

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Kendall Jenner Forecasts Her Niece North West To Be A Model – See Reasons


Kendall Jenner can be said to be one of the biggest names in the modeling industry.

As a Model Kendall has foreseen that her Niece North West is going to follow in her footstep as a model in the nearest future.

Kendall in an Interview was asked who was the most fashionable in her family, and without hesitation she picked North.

Her reasons being that the young blood at age 6, already dresses herself elegantly, putting together unexpected pieces to make great outfit and look dead gorgeous.

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At the time, she was chatting with E!’s Pop of the Morning host Victor Cruz while in attendance at New York Fashion Week.

I have to say North just because she dresses herself at this point and she likes to create outfits, like she will put things together that you just would not even think of. She is so good at it,’ Kendall dished.”


Its no shock that she chose North! After all, she’s proven to all a couple of times that she knows her style.

Besides, the other nieces and nephews are still a bit too young to tell if they will be fashion icons or not.


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