Check out Davido’s right hand man who is always with him

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Meet Lati Biola Davido’s right-hand-man


Davido is a celebrity who values loyalty and rewards it mightily. It is not enough to have fans all over the world, sometimes, the substance of a person is revealed when they can show how they have been able to touch the lives of people around them. Anyone who knows Davido knows that the superstar boasts of many friends and a super gorgeous girlfriend and still has all his day one guys standing firmly by his side. What is even more laudable is the fact that all of them have upgraded just like he has, in over eight years of him making music. It takes a natural-born leader to lead a group of people through life, recruiting them to work on his great vision and fulfilling destiny. At the young age of 26, Davido A.K.A OBO has a lot of cars, money and houses to show off to the world as accomplishments. He has Lati Biola, his right hand man and trusted friend of over two decades.
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Once, Lati had this to say about Davido: “I have known you since you were 10years old, that was when I lost both my parents . You are always there for me like a brother and you have never turned your back against me, I know God would continue to bless you and your family . I pray for everyone that your “destiny helper would look for you even tho they are far from you , God would bring them close to you” DAVID ADELEKE aka DAVIDO is an ANGEL and a KING not just an artist. I pray people like this live long in good health and prosperity.
Image result for Photos of Davido and Lati Biola


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