Kobe Bryant’s Wife Accuses Her Own Mother Of Trying To Extort The Family For Millions


Kobe Bryant’s Wife Accuses Her Own Mother Of Trying To Extort The Family For Millions


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Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, is accusing her own mother, Sofia Urbieta, of trying to extort their family out of millions of dollars after she filed a lawsuit claims the NBA star promised to take care of her for helping take care of the family’s children.

In the shocking new legal documents, Sofia Urbieta is suing her daughter and the family trust for breach of contract and false promises claiming she worked for many years as the couple’s assistant and nanny and was never paid a dime.

Instead, she says Kobe bought a house for her and promised to take care of her the rest of her life if she continuing helping the family with his busy lifestyle.

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Vanessa has already responded saying her mother is just money hungry and trying to extort millions from the grieving family.

According to the lawsuit, Sofia claims she has personally helped raise the “Bryants’ children and has been on-call 24/7 in the event that the Bryants needed her. When Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant traveled, attended sporting events, worked, or left for romantic getaways together, She was tasked with attending to the Bryants’ affairs and looking after their children.”

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At some point, she claims the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ star “entered into an oral contract” and prior to his death, Kobe Bryant “repeatedly promised to take care of Plaintiff financially in exchange for her many years of work for his family, and to this end, bought her a home.”

The new home was nearby the family in Newport Beach, CA, and was worth $2.65 Million. Although the house wasn’t in her name, she was under the impression it was for ‘her own protection’ given all of the family property was in a trust.

At some point, Sofia claims Vanessa became “envious of (her) mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship with Kobe Bryant,” although didn’t go into detail about what that meant.

Vanessa’s mother claims the family eventually sold the Newport Beach home at a hefty profit of almost $2 million and believed she would be entitled to the money. She claims while Kobe was alive, he pressured Vanessa to release the cash to her mother, but it was never done.

As you know, tragically, Kobe Bryant died in a horrible helicopter accident along with his 13-year-old daughter. After his death, Sofia claims she was “in a weakened state and was taking the news of the loss of her granddaughter and Kobe Bryant extremely hard.”

In the filing, she says Vanessa asked her to move into the family estate, and it was in her “best interest” to sell her new home. She claims, “Vanessa Bryant instructed (her) to sell all her belongings because she was only to move into Vanessa Bryant’s house with just her clothes.”

Instead, she accuses Mrs. Bryant of leasing her an apartment and claims she was “left alone in an empty apartment, with no vehicle, and no cable (Vanessa Bryant cancelled her cable tv subscription).”

In the lawsuit, she alleges, “Vanessa Bryant purposefully isolated (her) in an empty apartment where she was left to deal with the painful death of Kobe Bryant and her granddaughter alone. Plaintiff because extremely depressed due to her forced isolation.”

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