Cardi B Reveals What Her Hubby, Offset Does That Really Turns Her On


Cardi B Reveals What Her Hubby, Offset Does That Really Turns Her On


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The American rapper, Cardi B has taken to social media to reveal what her husband, Offset does for her that really turns her on.

Cardi B shared on Twitter the fun and flirty things that Offset does for her, the confession completely surprised her fans, saying that his demonstration of affection is a sweet ‘type of vibe.’ 

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Cardi B got very candid with her fans and followers on Twitter, sharing the sweet act of love that her husband, Offset, does that she absolutely adores.

She wrote: “It really turns me on when babe brings me food, like literally get me horny type sh*t but makes me smile real hard. Specially when he get me my Starbucks.”

Cardi B

Though she does love a tasty treat from Starbucks, Cardi also shared there were certain foods that really got her going! “When he gets me crab legs it’s more of a HAAAAANNN,” she exclaimed on Twitter, adding that it was a thanks babe type of vibe, but when he gets me coffee it’s more of a AWWWWW babyyyyy type of vibe cause I know he hates coffee and will never step in a Starbucks unless it’s for me.” 

Since reconciling their marriage and getting back together in October, Cardi and Offset have appeared to be living on Cloud Nine! In fact, Offset has shown how supportive he is of his lady love.

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