“Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth!” – Dionne Warwick Blasts Wendy Williams 


“Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth!” – Dionne Warwick Blasts Wendy Williams 


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The American singer, actress, television host, Donnie Warwick has blasted American television host, businesswoman, media personality, Wendy Williams after she was told the talk show hosting was talking trash on the television show.

The ‘Wendy Willams Show’ host apparently included a story about the legendary R&B singer, Donnie, during a recent airing of the talk show and Warwick was alerted by one of her friends about the situation. It’s unclear what was said, but Dionne decided to light Wendy up on Twitter and warn her to keep her name out of her mouth.

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Warwick said: “A friend alerted me that Wendy Williams was spending a lot of not nice time speaking on me. I tuned in to her show to catch the last few minutes of her speaking about me and as in the past she seems not to be able to speak without maliciously made comments

The singer continued by revealing she has already had a conversation with Williams about dropping her name on the show. Wait…What?!

“My hope is my name will refrain from being spoken or thought of by her as this conversation was held a few years ago letting her know there was nor would be any need for her to say the name Dionne Warwick for any reason. I don’t believe one has to be mean to get noticed,”

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Keep My Name Outta Your Mouth!!”

The legendary singer ended with a bit of advice for the talk show host, saying, “There’s an old saying you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! Try it Wendy you might like it.”

Fans went crazy over the situation and took sides immediately on social media.

One angry fan tweeted: “You are a living Icon, Wendy is a peon! Don’t waste your time with her nonsense! Your music has inspired millions and we are truly grateful.”

Another added, “Auntie (Dionne Warwick) It’s hard to stop saying the name of legends when you desire so much to be one. She has to use you to try to become who she wants to be. Let’s just hope she can call on the name of Jesus to assist her with the demons she deals with.”

However, a few people sided with Wendy Williams on this one, with one person tweeting:

“Did yall even watch?? I did & while she was talking she wasn’t malicious (& she can be) she said she knew u didn’t like her (but not in a mean way) she called u beautiful & said u like bud. Yall need to stop putting successful Black women against each other its sad.”

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