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Wizkid’s latest effort sells itself as a team effort. That is the Starboy Entertainment family, and not just him. Released with the prospect of a follow-up tape, the project leans into label honcho Wizkid’s openness to collaboration. It features, among others, Jamaican Dancehall artiste Chronixx, and producer London, who is responsible for some of the finest genre-bending beats which has struck gold for Rema.

The release of Soundman Vol. 1 has/will been/be received amidst critics with some skepticism,understandably.For his insatiable fans,it is Wizkid on seven new songs.

To understand this work is to split criticism between the perspectives of both parties.For this is Wizkid,whose place in Nigerian music history is earned.And his latest moves,which come almost ten years after his introduction,should be carefully considered.

A decade of doing music at the top level, as we’ll agree, is no mean feat. And while Wizkid has two years to reach a decade in his career,he is – to borrow J. Cole’s apt phrasing – a middle child. An elder, but not quite like; not a 2Baba,but also not on the turf of the younger guard, many of which he’s inspired.Wizkid famously led the charge to what would become the “Afrobeats to the World” movement, conquering Nigeria, the continent, and then, outside, charting highly in foreign countries, and selling out the 02 Arena twice, becoming the first African artiste to do so.Wizkid’s achievements are impossible to dismiss. One would think that going by this, his music would massively consumed, and with little questions.

This is not the case, obviously.Voices of discontent arise; fans too, persist in fueling celebrity rivalry by bringing up The Other Guy, who is taking huge leaps musically.The Other Guy, while leading his own charge,has blown holes open in Wizkid’s music, often deemed formulaic and bland.

It will be folly on the critic’s part to assume that Wizkid is deaf to these concerns.Working on a project,two roads inadvertently are open to Wizkid:feed his fan base with the much he can come up with,or rise up to up to the challenge of critics by outsourcing songwriting work, and churning out more lyrically-satisfying content.

On Soundman Vol. 1,he chooses the more traveled road, the one which promises the prosperity of streams to wet his mouth.

Let’s talk about the tracks accordingly;

1. Jam Ft. Chronixx

On Jam featuring Jamaican artiste, Chronixx, Wizkid gives us an opening reminiscent of his stellar efforts on Sounds from the other side.

Wizkid sings about Jamming the love of his life and begging her to come into his life. The highlight of the track is Chronixx who brings his A-game on this track and spices it up with his patois vibes.

The trumpet gives this jam, an Afrobeat feels and Wizkid lyrics which is a deviation from what he has been serving us for a while makes listeners hopeful for more. A perfect intro.

2. Blow Ft. Blaqjerzee

Blow gives the same vibe as Larry Gaaga’s “Low“, featuring Wizkid which is also produced by the same producer, Blaq Jerzee.

Wizkid tells the ladies to blow the trumpet and Jo fun Alhaji. Everything on this track screams “Low”. A decent track at most.

From the first song, the project shapes up like a Wizkid-curated effort. He is obviously positioned to be the star; this observation is solidified in “Blow,” who delivers in a voice that echoes of Duncan Mighty.

3. Cover me Ft. DJ Tunez

Kel P vibes showed his mastery of Afro-beats production on Cover Me featuring Starboy resident disc jockey, DJ Tunez.

Wizkid is having fun with the beat, reminiscent of his efforts on the Phantom produced “Master Groove” and Sarz produced “Ghetto Love“.

Wizkid focuses more on the vibe and flow rather than lyrical artistry. This is Afro beats and Wizkid successfully delivered on this particular track…

4. Mine Ft. Kel P

Perhaps the best track on the EP, the song offers the same vibe Wizkid delivered on “Joy”.

Wizkid showed his lyrical prowess, vocals and lovely flow on this one. Laidback with a meaningful message and excellent production from KelP.

Mine comes off as an instant classic and hit song, Wizkid will do well to shoot a video of this song if he doesn’t decide to go STFOS with the videos.

Mine,” the halfway track, is a highlight. Over soft drums which evoke a chill Sunday afternoon, Wizkid sings of longing, his voice perfect in harmony with the laid-back Reggae bop. By far the most satisfactory song on the tape, its closing seconds unleashes a Spanish guitar dazzling in its frenzy, set against the familiar backdrop of the Kel P beat.

5. Electric Ft. London

London, Producer of Rema’s “Bad Commando” shows he is fast becoming a force to reckon with in terms of music production.

The tracks so far show Wizkid attempting to bring us back to those STFOS vibes.

Say she bust every day, she day make man craze“. This sexual vibe which Baba Zion has termed electric vibe is one for the couples and clubs.

A serious whining song for the ladies and a serious stimulant for the production of babies. A potential hit in the Carribean market too alongside Jam featuring Chronixx.

Although the production and the artiste seem in tandem, the too familiar nature of the song depreciates its replay value.

6. Ease Your Mind Ft. Kel P

Ease Your Mind,” as its title suggests, features grand production anchored on chopped key arrangements and soft pleasant drums.

The occasional trumpet sprinkles dusty gold all over the record –the instrument, by virtue of its appropriation in Afrobeats, works well into Wizkid’s didactic verses.

The song’s preoccupation (money) pulls up to the front like a star player, promising to deliver on its popular culture appeal.

Wizkid goes motivational on this one urging his listeners to take life easy and ease their mind.

As usual, the production from KelP is top-notch and his input is once again felt on this Afro beats reggae themed project.

7. Thankful Ft. Blaqjerzee

Okay! This is Lamba! the allure of the financial is, once again, indispensable, as it graces the prayerful “Thankful featuring  Blaqjerzee .

With Wizkid placed in familiar music territory, his comfort –when paired with the hedonism captured in the “suffer dey kill person o” line – sees Wizkid, much like Lady Donli on “Cash,” emerge as a youthful pastor –wicked swag and all – who faces the crowd (in this case, the listeners) and prays money into their pockets.

With a touch of prayer and street slangs, the song is destined to control the streets in a few weeks.



Wizkid is definitely having fun and catching cruise with this project, No serious motion behind it.

Perhaps following criticisms that trailed his last two offerings, “Joro” and “Ghetto Love“, Wizkid decides to take us to his “Sound From The Other Side” days and show us he is still capable of delivering lyrics and beautifully crafted vibes. The project feels like STFOS part 2.

What we learn about Wizkid from the EP;

Wizkid is showing us his versatility as he switches between Afrobeat, RnB and some Carribean vibes.

 is good and delivers when he wants to. He is also listening to the reviews and critics…

He wants to know what to give us in his “Made In Lagosalbum

He wants to prove a point to critics who are hell-bent on questioning his lyrical capacity and dominance in the Afrobeats genre.

This project shows that we might never actually Get our pop-influenced Wizkid again as he is heavily influenced by afrobeat on the project.

However, Some of the beats sound too similar but Wizkid manages to give a different flavour to each track.

The production (beats, mixing and mastering ) is top-notch but I think the inclusion of Sarz who have been amazing.

Wizkid might also need to consider giving us more of the pop tracks we are familiar with as he seemed to have neglected that completely for Afrobeats.

Overall, SoundMan is for the listeners to enjoy while sipping palm wine, on the beach or laid back somewhere chilling with family and loved ones. Nothing serious, just vibes and cruise as we await “Made In Lagos“.

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