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Faze – Originality || Album Download


Faze dropps the ‘Originality‘ album,being the third studio album of  the Nigerian R&B artist, Faze which was released on October 6, 2008. The album gained the tag of being ‘THE MOST ANTICIPATED ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2008‘ as well the most personal album by Faze.


The Originality album also paved way for Faze as the first Nigerian Contemporary artiste to have three of his albums go platinum consecutively. Waz Beat, J Sleek, Spankie, and Jah Mix produced the tracks while Foster Zeeno, Jah Mix, Indomix, Klem, and Richie (from Ghana) mixed and mastered the albumOriginality, as a single was a huge success in charts reaching the top three of charts like Super 7 ( countdownCosmo FM chart etc.





1.Faze – Originality || MP3 DOWNLOAD

2.Faze – Play Ball || MP3 DOWNLOAD

3.Faze – Spend My Money || MP3 DOWNLOAD

4.Faze – Story of My Life || MP3 DOWNLOAD

5.Faze – Am In Love || MP3 DOWNLOAD

6.Faze – Dutty Wine || MP3 DOWNLOAD

7.Faze – Valentine’s Day || MP3 DOWNLOAD

8.Faze – Don’t U Go || MP3 DOWNLOAD

9.Faze – Yawa Eh || MP3 DOWNLOAD

10.Faze – Originality (Remix) || MP3 DOWNLOAD

11.Faze – Like My Style || MP3 DOWNLOAD

12.Faze – Hold Your || MP3 DOWNLOAD

13.Faze – Fantasy || MP3 DOWNLOAD

Bonus Tracks

14.Faze – U No Try || MP3 DOWNLOAD

15.Faze – Tomorrow’s Leaders || MP3 DOWNLOAD

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