about to be the BIGGEST news in HIP HOP.
According to a source very  close to Nicki Minaj, Nicki has a new LOVE INTEREST with Rapper NAS!!,Nicki and Nas have been close for a long time. Ever since working together [on the Right By My Side video] they’ve always had a cordial relationship.When they worked together, Nicki was with [Meek Mill], and so nothing went down. But as soon as Nicki announced that she was single, Nas hit her up.They’re still early in their relationship, and Nas is still courting her. But Nicki’s already got feelings for him.
And for those that have ANY DOUBT about our sources, we EXCLUSIVELY learned that Nas and Nicki will be TOGETHER in SXSW at the Mass Appeal party on Thursday.We’re told that’s where the couple will “make their debut”… Hip hop is about to have a NEW HIP HOP TOP COUPLE!!!.

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