Nigerian No 1 comic Actor John Okafor also known as Mr IBU was with Big brother Nigeria housemates this evening where he spent some time chatting with them amidst made shocking revelation when he nearly committed suicide in 1997.

“Do you know there was a day that I had prepared to kill myself in Ajao Estate? that day i was prepared to jump into a well, because of the situation that surrounded me. Three days before that day, i had not eaten and i did not have hope of eating for the next week. I was only surviving on water and i hate it when i bother anyone. Most of my close friends where not bothered about my well being, even though it was obvious that i was not alright. I remember December 18 1997, a friend of mine who i squatted with called me in the morning and told me he will be going home for Christmas and he did not want anyone to be in his room. I assured him no one would come to his place, but he said he wanted me out of his room. I told him that i did not have another place to stay and he should trust me as usual, i would take good care of the place. Though i was older than him, i did all the washing and cleaning of the house to the extent that i wash his panties and underwear. I did that so i could have a roof over my head. But out of anger my friend went into the house, brought out all my things and threw them outside, then he told me to leave his house, he locked the door and left.

From where i was seated, i was looking at the well, i thought to myself, is it not better to end my life by jumping into the well so that when people return in the evening and they need water, they would discover my body, and my friend would know that he was the reason i committed suicide , i went to the well and as i opened the lid and prepared to jump inside, the image of my mother’s face flashed through my mind. I quickly closed the well and began to wonder how my mother knew that i wanted to kill myself. My mother was alive at the time ; she was about 80 years old. I went back and leaned by the wall. A neighbour francis , was playing a song by Micheal Bolton titled “when i am back on my feet again”. the song gave me hope and i decided to stay alive.

“i cleaned the place ( under a lorry ) and was able to get some cartons, which i used to do a tent. In the course of dogs were barking no one could sleep, so i had to move my cartons to another location. While i was changing my bearing , i saw some people gathering. I hid my cartons , went close to the place and saw that it was a movie audition. I saw some of my friends there like Pete Edochie and a friend called Sandra Ezeh. When Sandra Saw me , she hugged me and said she was a big fan of my work especially my role in “IKUKU”. She asked if i was doing anything and when i told her i wasn’t she insisted accompany her to see her boy friend, since i had no job, i followed her; beside, all i needed was food. I was so hungry at the time that it began to affect my eye sight. Sadly her boy friend had travelled so she said we should go see another friend. We met the woman who owned a bar and when i asked for food she said all she had was pepper soup and drinks. I told her to give me pepper soup and she was nice enough to tell them to give me two agidi with the pepper soup. After i ate the food i fell in to a deep sleep.
When i woke up, i saw an address, 125 Adetola Street, then immediately, i remembered that a friend had called me asking me to stay in his house because he was travelling to Germany , and that was the address .
Immediately i crossed the street and went to the house. When i got into the house, my friend frank, just got in from London. He was so happy to see me that he hugged me that we both feel to the ground, that he said no matter where i was staying i had to move into his house, we went to pick my load from where i put, frank asked me why my load was outside, and i lied to him i was preparing to travel. That was how he gave me a room in his flat, i prayed to God thanking him for saving me, he started taking me out and buying me clothes. It was from there i got my footing”.

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