Ping Express, an online money transfer service, has signed a deal with Akinmayokun Awodumila, popularly known as May D as their brand ambassador to help diseminate its low cost online money transfer to Africa.

May D who is excited with the new deal with king express said,
“It’s a pleasure to be part of the Ping Express brand and help champion the good work they’re doing to make sending money home faster and convenient. Supporting family back home is top of mind to Africans in diaspora, and I’ve been amazed by how instrumental Ping Express has been in helping them achieve this goal and also save them some money,”

According to Anslem Oshionebo, The CEO of Ping Express he said
May D is an inspiration to millions of Africans at home and abroad, he’s the perfect ambassador for us. Like so many of our customers, he worked hard and overcame some major obstacles to find success. It’s very clear that he holds the same values as we do and I’m honored that he’s working with us.”

Congratulations May D.

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