Being A Pastor Shouldn’t Make Me Unfashionable – Former Actress, Vivian Ike

Being A Pastor Shouldn’t Make Me Unfashionable – Former Actress, Vivian Ike

Vivian Ike

Being A Pastor Shouldn’t Make Me Unfashionable – Former Actress, Vivian Ike

As far as Nollywood film actress and model, Vivian Ike, is concerned, fashion should be about moderation and comfort.For her, fashion is what makes individuals look good without going to the extreme.
With Ike’s experience as an actress and model, she believes fashion, generally, is a tool for expression and the way it is being flaunted explains the personality wearing it. “It is also a tool of expression. If you dress up and you do not say anything, your outfit will speak for you,” she says.THOUGH I AM NOW A PASTOR, IT DOESN’T MEAN I SHOULD NOT DRESS UP IN ATTRACTIVE WAYS. WHAT I CALL FASHION IS WHAT MAKES ME COMFORTABLE. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WHAT PEOPLE ARE WEARING ABOUT, BUT WHAT I FIND COMFORTABLEThe beautiful actress, who is now a minister of God, however, argues that the fact that she has given her life to Christ doesn’t mean she is no more fashionable.

“Though I am now a pastor, it doesn’t mean I should not dress up in attractive ways. What I call fashion is what makes me comfortable. It doesn’t have to be what people are wearing about, but what I find comfortable,” Ike notes.

The beautiful model, who once strutted her stuff in the fashion industry, adds that she’s not a fan of trends because she only wears what makes her comfortable. She further states that fashion is what reveals who you are to people around you, especially those who watch you. Ike adds that fashion lovers do not have to put on what everyone is wearing, because doing so may give the wrong impression to observers.

“What you wear reveals your personality to people around and you may not know what you would wear that would give people the wrong impression about you. So, I prefer not to follow trends,” she says.

Asked about her best apparel, Ike states, “I prefer wearing only chiffon, because it is simple and it makes me comfortable. Chiffons are best for me and I just love them. They make me look unique, especially those with their bright colours.”

Going down memory lane, Ike discloses that she started modelling while she was studying English Language at the University of Lagos, where she contested in the institution’s beauty pageant and won the first runner up.

She later modeled for brands such as Virgin Airlines, Maracuja Drink, Lux (soap) and others. She has played roles in many Nollywood movies, along with her sister, Chika Ike.

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