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    Hip-hop fans in Nigeria cannot deny that their ears and playlists have not been blessed with solid hip-hop albums this year. Over the years lots of pundits, critics, commentators and rappers alike have complained about the situation of Nigerian hip-hop and the way the sound has been hijacked by their South African contemporaries.  However, with projects like AQ’s Blessed Forever, Jesse Jagz’s Oddyseus, Ill Bliss’ Illy Bomaye, Ajebutter 22’s What Happens in Lagos, Falz’s 27 as well as Yung 6ix’s High Star it can be said confidently that Nigerian hip hop is back on track.


    Given the quality of materials being put out this year hip-hop fans are definitely thirsty for more in terms of bars, clinical wordplays, beats, storytelling, mind blowing punchlines as well impeccable flows and delivery.


    Here is a mini-list of 3  most anticipated hip-hop albums expected to be released come 2018


    Since the release of Illegal Music 3, MI has kept hip-hop fans anticipating and waiting for his 4th studio album. MI has indeed earned himself the respect of being an artiste who can infuse so much thought process, creativity and originality into every detail in his materials from the album title to the track listing, to the features, to the creative skits, you just name it.


    Right from Talk About it down to Illegal Music 3, MI has proven that he truly deserves to be referred to as a Nigerian Living Legend. That is why since MI has announced via his twitter that Yung Denzl is ready, lots of fans have been pleading for the album to be released. With his latest controversial single, You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life where he called out the new school rappers in the industry to reignite the Hip-hop culture, a lot of hip-hop fans are expecting MI to use this coming album as a medium to lead the way and show the new school rappers how true hip-hop is to be made. This makes this album one of the most anticipated albums (not just hip-hop) in the country to drop in 2018, although rumor has it that it could drop anytime from now.



    Boogey is a rapper that when I first listened to him on Dead Prez, featured by Mode Nine’s 2012 Mixtape titled Occupy the Throne, I went loud!


    On this track Boogey spat solo over Jay Z’s “Dead President” instrumental dropping bars after bars. This was followed up with a feature on MI’s critically acclaimed mixtape Illegal Music 2 on the track Ridiculous, delivering bars after bars laced with crazy punchlines and wordplays like “…jump on that, i eat you clowns so you digesting (die jesting)”. Ever since then I’ve been a big fan of the Three-time Headies nominee and have followed up on most of his materials like Artificial intelligence, This is Not an Acronym (TINAA) and Incognito.


    With this bag load of experience gained over the years in the game, this talented rapper and lyricist is therefore ready to release his debut album Nouveau Niveau and this is highly anticipated by fans of true Nigerian hip-hop and enthusiasts like myself. Let me tell why you should look out for this album- Boogey who makes Hip Hop tunes doused with conscious, poetry, intellect, humour, love and rebellion is bringing it all on this album with full hunger and energy. Boogey has released two amazing singles off the album, “Liquor Nights” which is nothing short of an amazing hip-hop joint and “Solo”. You really should look out for this album.


    3. VECTOR- T.E.S.L.I.M

    On an interview with Hip TV, Vector announced that his fourth studio album would be titled, T.E.S.L.I.M and that he plans to drop the album on 15th of July, 2018. The album is set to be his fourth studio album and he said it would have “different sounds.” Vector who is known for his stupefying wordplays has always made sure he delivers on his albums and Mixtapes. From “State of Surprise”, to “Barracks”, to “Second Coming”, to the “A7” and then “Lafiaji”, Vector has proven repeatedly that he can create music that’s nourishing to the brain and fitting for the booty too (Shiga featuring Toolz and Waje proves that well enough). His latest material, Lafiaji was a fan-favourite as it was indeed a solid effort from the rapper who experimented with several sounds but still kept it true to the culture.


    Well, given his back and forth with MI following the latter’s interview at the LooseTalk podcast, a lot of fans are craving for a collaboration between these two revered rappers. In fact, rumor has it that M.I would be featured on this album. Well, till we have more information on this album, we the VEC fans are keeping our fingers crossed on this one.


    However always remember to contribute to the growth of the industry by purchasing albums when they drop. Enjoy and Support good Nigerian Hip-hop!


    I am Victor Aderibigbe and this is Hitsongz


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